The digital rain is representing the activity of the virtual reality in “The Matrix.” You can now have Matrix digital rain with CMatrix on a Linux or Unix terminal too.

How did this ever work?

Maybe I should report it as a bug. Let someone else would do it!

If this doesn’t work then I have to contemplate my life choices.


In case you missed our Featured Friday Speakers - check out the @JDArmstro blog on security with and @kubernetesio featuring @SpikeCurtis @networkstatic @IanColdwater @samuelkarp @justincormack -

Seems like good folks at AWS listing what I jabber here. I just noticed FreeBSD 12 OS option in lightsail. Maybe credit goes to @cperciva as I asked him few months back. Either way thanks @awscloud <3

They are not cancelling search, gmail, YouTube, Chrome, @android and other stuff as it makes tons of money 💰

Google+ is gone now. But still lots of people are upset about the shutdown. Despite what you think, Google is an advertisement company. Google+ was an extra product and made zero money. They cancelled it as They cannot make money from G+.

At @sddconf, @EltonStoneman will be presenting Modernizing legacy .NET apps with - revisited. Learn more here:

Citybound is a city building game with a focus on realism, collaborative planning and simulation of microscopic details. It is independently developed, open source and written in rustlang

I am disappointed that htop is not the default option everywhere 😭

Poll: Is everything is a file in Linux or Unix world?

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