Don't miss the latest from the blog! ➡️"The Future of Cloud Providers in " where @a_sykim, @mcrute & Walter Fender outline the Kubernetes Cloud Provider Special Interest Group 🧐

💡Bobby Salamat talks pod priority and preemption in 1.14 on the blog

The digital rain is representing the activity of the virtual reality in “The Matrix.” You can now have Matrix digital rain with CMatrix on a Linux or Unix terminal too.

How did this ever work?

Maybe I should report it as a bug. Let someone else would do it!

If this doesn’t work then I have to contemplate my life choices.


In case you missed our Featured Friday Speakers - check out the @JDArmstro blog on security with and @kubernetesio featuring @SpikeCurtis @networkstatic @IanColdwater @samuelkarp @justincormack -

Seems like good folks at AWS listing what I jabber here. I just noticed FreeBSD 12 OS option in lightsail. Maybe credit goes to @cperciva as I asked him few months back. Either way thanks @awscloud <3

They are not cancelling search, gmail, YouTube, Chrome, @android and other stuff as it makes tons of money 💰

Google+ is gone now. But still lots of people are upset about the shutdown. Despite what you think, Google is an advertisement company. Google+ was an extra product and made zero money. They cancelled it as They cannot make money from G+.

At @sddconf, @EltonStoneman will be presenting Modernizing legacy .NET apps with - revisited. Learn more here:

Citybound is a city building game with a focus on realism, collaborative planning and simulation of microscopic details. It is independently developed, open source and written in rustlang

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